These AC-powered energisers maintain maximum energy on fencing and delivers safe, effective high voltage shocks with digital timing.

AC-Powered fence energisers are a great option where you have a reliable source of 110-volt or 220-volt electrical power. We offer a range of electric fence controllers for distances up to 320 km (200 miles).

Our AC-operated fence energisers have: Easy-access terminals and mounting options for quick connections and installation Rugged, weather resistant cabinets Most models are UL or CSA listed Fence OK indicator lamp A 1 to 3-year warranty that includes damage caused by lightning

There are two types of AC operated fence energisers:

Low-impedance electric fence energisers utilize special circuitry and transformers to maintain high energy levels on the fence. Low-impedance models are recommended and available with ratings up to 120 km (75 miles) and for heavy weed conditions. They're ideal for longer, multi-strand poly wire, tape, rope or high tensile fence systems. They can be used for all animals.

ElectroBraid® does not recommend the use of solid-state fence energisers with our products.

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