All About Gate Handles

All About Gate Handles

Gate openings should be located where people and animals need to have easy access to buildings and fields.

There are two main types of gate handles that can be used with electric fence systems: Expandable Gate Handles and Insulated Gate Handles.

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Expert Tips

For a properly constructed electric fence system, there should be one gate handle for every electrified wire.

Expandable gate handles should be used with spring gates.

Expandable gate handles should be moulded from tough, high quality plastic that’s thick enough to be shockproof for safe handling protection.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I have six wires in my electric fence, does that mean I will need to purchase six gate handles at each gate in the entire fence?
A: Yes. If you plan to easily walk or drive through a gate in the electric fence, you will need to open all strands of wire.