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The components that make up an electric fence system. From Fence Energisers to the grounding rods that protect them, learn all about the many parts that are necessary for a well-built and well-maintained electric fence system designed to meet your animal containment and control needs.


Battery Powered Energiser

Fence Energisers

Fence Energisers provide the power for your electric fence.

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Fence Posts

Fence Posts

One of the most important factors in determining which type of fence post you will need is the purpose of your fence.

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Insulators, whether porcelain or plastic, are designed to fasten electrified wire to different types of fence posts without losing energy through the post.

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Fence Wire

Electric fence wire conducts the electric charge from the fence energiser around the length of the fence. There are several types of fence wire to choose from, each with certain benefits and uses.

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Almost 90% of the time that a new electric fence system is not working, the culprit will be incorrect or improper grounding.

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Gate Handles

Gate Handles

The general rule of thumb for gate handles is one gate handle for every electrified wire. Gate handles may be constructed from plastic or rubber.

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High Tensile Fencing

The high-tensile fence is more secure, looks neater and last longer, with less maintenance than either a barbed wire or woven wire fence.

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