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Welcome to Electric Fencing Central

Our brands are recognised as world leaders in electric fence systems, ideal for animal containment and control needs. Our electric fencing systems provide safe, superior quality energisers, accessories, conductors (tape wire and rope), insulators, and electric fence components. Electric fences are an economical alternative to conventional or barbed wire fences.

Electric fences or a shock fence are an easy and economical way to keep animals in and out of designated areas. An electric fence system is ideal for farms, pet enclosures, livestock, swine and horse containment. They can  also be applicable to farm, garden and pond protection from predators and other wildlife. With a high quality electric fence energiser, electric fence conductors, and other components, you can have the best electric fence system for your containment and exclusion needs.

Need electric fencing information? What if you're looking for information on how to install an electric fence system? Electric Fencing Central has the help and advice you need. Discover the benefits of the electric animal fence and how it works. Read valuable information about the components of electric fences, such as fence posts, insulators, electric fence tape, wire and rope (conductors), gate handles and the electric fence energiser, (sometimes referred to as electric fencers).

Use our electric fence guide to helps define your needs. This will direct you through the electric fence design, planning process, and offers guides for installation.

An energiser, often referred to as a charger or as electric fencers, is the most important component of your electric fencing system. If you select an electric fence controller that is not able to support your animal control needs, you may have to purchase several fencers to meet your needs - an expensive undertaking!

Selecting electric fence wire may seem almost as daunting as selecting an electric fence controller, but don't worry. We have a large selection of electric fence wire and a section on electric fence wire in All About... that can help you choose the best electric fence wire for your electric fencing needs.

From time to time, all energizers do break down. When that happens, Fi-Shock® will be here to provide you with electric fencing supplies to repair your chargers. If you're looking for an electric wire fence, you've also come to the right place.

Make sure to test your electrified fence before containing livestock. Electronic fencing may be you best protection from predators while containing your animals. If you want a fence electric system, Fi-Shock® has what you need!

Whether you’re building small electric fences or a large animal electric fence, Fi-Shock® offers the best electric fence products - the best electric fence wire, top-notch electric fencers and more. For safe, secure, and superior quality electric fencing supplies, shop our Fi-Shock® store today. Purchase the best electric fence on the market today: an electric fencing system from Fi-Shock®!

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Featured Product

MN765 Energiser

Fi-Shock® MN765 Mains Fence Energiser

This electric fence controller, also known as an energiser, covers 15 Acres. Comes with a one year limited warranty. Check out all of our electric fence controllers in our store.

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How Do Electric Fences Work?

Rutland™ Electric Fences Complete a Circuit

It takes an energiser (electric fence controller), electric fence wire, and the ground to complete a circuit to produce a shock when the wire is touched. Learn how an electric fencing system works so you can build the best electric fence for your animal control needs.

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